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After a very long and successful period of remanufacturing of air brake calipers for trucks, busies and trailers we can proudly say that we are the highest quality manufacturer in Serbia and Ex-Yugoslavia region. Every and each brake caliper are monitored from the moment they come in our workshop. They are marked at the entrance so we can follow them through process of remanufacturing. We have the complete database for each one with the history of reman, parts that been changed, date when they were finished and the customer we sold to.
we use the highest quality spare parts, we tested in our process of remanufacturing, so we can proudly say that we have 0% claims!

We give the warranty of 1 year!

In our spare parts catalogue you can find parts for your workshop, parts that save your time as the assembly will be smooth and fast.

We designed our own toolbox, with much better solution than original, as you will done reparation faster and the lifetime of tools are much longer

We can repair following air brake calipers:

In 2019. we started with hidraulic brake caliper reparation for Atego, Iveco, Sprinter...

If you want completely new brake caliper, we can offer you new cores, or completely new brake caliper for Knorr SN7

Contact us and we will find the best solution for your business